Shikhardeep Food Industries Pvt. Ltd. registered on 2072/01/09 (22/04/2015) has been established mainly to supply the demand of quality chocolates and popcorns in the Nepalese market.

The demand of chocolates in Nepal is increasing day by day. Most of the quality chocolates available in Nepalese market are mostly imported by the foreign multinational companies. Nepali generation has already witnessed the popularity of chocolate in global context. Whether they are the university graduates from western countries or the labors from the gulf, they do not forget to bring chocolate while coming home. It is because they have understood the use of chocolate well. Hence, use of chocolate is on rise due to increasing international friendship and movements.

It is quite sad to know that most of the chocolates available in Nepal are being imported despite the increasing demand. Hence, Shikhardeep Food Industries Pvt. Ltd. has presented an ambitious plan of producing quality and consumer friendly chocolates in Nepal and gain a major market share. The company manages the entire product life-cycle, from research and development to production, processing, distribution and logistics. Striving for improvement in this unorganized sector is what makes Shikhardeep Food Industries Pvt. Ltd. (SDFI) stand apart from the rest. Hence, its involvement at every stage in the production process. The factors contributing to SDFI continuous evolvement are steeped in its belief, people and technology.

Aim of Shikhardeep Foods Industries Pvt. Ltd.

  • To fulfill the need of quality chocolates in Nepal
  • Produce chocolates from local resources and export the same to foreign countries
  • Create employment opportunities within countries and help to reduce the trend of foreign employment to lead Nepal’s chocolate industry

Our Mission

To become the foremost trusted, admirable food company within the market we serve by offering world standard product in affordable price. This requires us to be capable and dynamic so as to offer the products that’s not only superior and healthy but also should able to touch the heart of the people by confecting fun fullness and happiness all the products that we provide.

Our Purpose

Shikhardeep’s purpose is enhancing quality of life and contributing to a healthier future. We want to help shape a better and healthier world so that we can inspire people to live healthier lives. This is how we contribute to society while ensuring the long-term success of our company.

We serve

    to make our best


Nepal has the potential to grow products that can compete with imported products in terms of quality and quantity.


The backbone of any company is its people, in the case of SDFI, it’s the interconnected network of farmers, traders, transporters, direct and indirect clients..


Extensive R&D resulted in a seed perfectly suited for Nepalese conditions, ensuring higher yields which are on par with international standards in terms of quality.

Meet our Team

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